Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Today's Rickety Contrivance

Today I stumbled across this New York Times article about a woman with MS who felt significantly better after twenty-nine days of giving someone else a small gift every day. The article talks about the health benefits of altruism and volunteerism. Yay!

Today I also got e-mail from a church friend, relocated to the Midwest, alerting friends about Xerox's Let's Say Thanks website, which allows you to send a free postcard to someone in the military stationed overseas. There's a wide range of artwork by kids, ranging from cute to hilarious (my favorite is the Statue of Liberty looking like the Bride of Frankenstein); you can choose your favorite image and then pick a prewritten message, or write one of your own.

Fast. Easy. Fun. Free. Makes you feel good. With luck, makes the recipient feel good too. And regardless of our individual politics, heaven knows our troops need all the cheering up they can get.

Oh, also, the vet called tonight. Harley doesn't have an infection, which means he probably has cystitis, which means we're supposed to make sure he gets a lot of water. She recommended flavoring the water with chicken broth or tuna juice to make it more appealing. Harley turned his nose up at the chicken broth, although Bali was very interested. We'll try another tactic tomorrow.

And now to bed. Yeah, I'm up too late. But tomorrow's not a teaching day, so I can afford to sleep in.

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