Saturday, December 19, 2009

Late Dates With Mozart

Our friends Stephanie Sant'Ambrogio and Jim Winn have just recorded this brilliant album. (Stephanie's the one who's giving me the violin lesson tonight; am I lucky, or what? It's probably going to be wasted on me, but it's still incredibly generous of her!)

If you like Mozart, violin, piano, or classical music, this is a treasure. Gary and I have had the tremendous privilege of hearing these pieces live, but the CD's the next best thing!

Support the arts! Buy Late Dates With Mozart! Makes a great gift idea!

Oh, and have I mentioned that the musicians are two of the nicest people on the planet? They deserve your support. Please buy their album!

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  1. Hello, just was browsing around today and ended up at your blog. Thanks for the music tip! I remember hearing Jim Winn at New England Conservatory many years ago--a fabulous musician and improvisor.


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