Sunday, December 13, 2009

Mea Culpa

Gary's complaining that I haven't been blogging. Yeah, I know. My bad.

I either haven't had a lot to say or haven't felt like saying it. This weekend, though, we got two pieces of really excellent news. One is that Gary's mom took the initiative in having a difficult conversation with some other family members; I'm going to visit after Christmas and had offered to be there to lend moral support, but she did it on her own. We're really proud of her, especially since the anniversary of her husband's death is this coming Saturday, and she's having an understandably tough time.

I hope I'm as strong as she is when I'm eighty.

The other great news is that a friend with diabetes -- but currently without job or insurance, like so many other people right now -- e-mailed me to say that he went to one of the low-income clinics in town. Huge relief! He'd just been diagnosed when his previous doctor (who'd been seeing him for nothing) went out of business (one suspects, sadly, that there's a connection), so he hadn't been treated. This has been going on for months, or maybe even a year or two, and I've been very worried, so I'm really glad he's finally getting medical attention.

Speaking of which, I'm still sleeping a ton; I slept through church this morning, having handed off this morning's preaching gig last week because I had a hunch this might happen. My bloodwork isn't back from the lab yet. I'm going to call again tomorrow. I really hope the lab results show something, and that the something is fixable. (I don't think it's depression, since I'm pretty happy when I'm awake.) Meanwhile, I've committed to preaching dates in January and February, on the improbably optimistic assumption that this thing will be fixed by then.

In weather news, we got a lot of snow this weekend. I've stayed in the house to avoid slippery driving, which meant no hospital shift yesterday (and also means that I might have stayed home this morning even had I woken up in time for church).

Fiddle update: My first jig is still very rough. I know the notes, but my fingering and bowing are mega-messy. Practice will continue. Meanwhile, I'm doing lots of exercises to try to improve my tone (scales and variations thereof), and trying to polish my two polkas, and also sounding out various Christmas carols. I'm mostly happy with my rendition of "A Mighty Fortress is Our God," and Gary's said nice things about my version of "Simple Gifts." So, come to think of it, has Charlene, who told me it was good enough for me to play in church, which I do not plan to do! The strongest piece in my repertoire is still "Mary Had A Little Lamb." I expect this to be true for a long time.

Book update: I was making good progress until this evening, when I realized that to write the next bit, I need a library book that's somewhere in the house but that I can't find. Gotta clean my study before I leave town a week from Wednesday. Not looking forward to it.

Knitting update: I finished a new pair of socks for myself -- acrylic, but very comfy -- and am starting a pair for my sister from a lovely sock yarn Inez sent me. Also still working on a Secret Non-Sock Project for my mother, which I have to finish this week! I've made up a Sock Questionnaire so that I'll be able to knit belated Christmas gifts for friends and family. My post-Christmas projects already include a pair of socks for my friend Marin (a late birthday gift) and two Christmas stockings for my friend Ann's twin boys (her family's out of town for the holidays this year, so the boys don't need them until next Christmas). I expect all that, plus the questionnaire results, to keep me busy through 2011.

Work update: Tomorrow my freshmen give me their final revisions and portfolios; tomorrow we also have our final party for the writing workshop. Tuesday I attend the Mother of All Meetings to discuss search candidates. Grades are due Thursday; I hope to have them in Wednesday, but we'll see.

Oh, Tuesday we also have back-to-back dental cleanings. Saturday we're going to a dinner party given by some friends, which will be an especially pleasant diversion from memories of last year.

Somewhere in all this, I need to compile my annual-review materials.

Boring stuff, eh? See why I haven't been blogging?


  1. Yeah to Gary's mom! Late, but on time, as the phrase goes.

  2. Anonymous10:34 AM

    Dear Susan,

    Welcome back to blogging! Your news may sometimes seem boring to you, but please believe that it is always interesting to me to hear how you are doing and what you are up to.

    Good luck with the grades, the mother of all meetings, and all the other things that come at the end of the semester.


  3. A full schedule! Remember to drink plenty of water, except during the Mother of all Meetings which probably won't have enough bio-breaks.

  4. As to the sleeping: you know, Beloved, you are grieving. Even if you're happy when you're awake (and I don't question that you are), it may still express itself elsewhere. So, sleep.


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