Saturday, December 26, 2009


Christmas was pleasant; everyone enjoyed their loot, I think, although Mom was having trouble identifying objects and didn't seem sure what to make either of the scarf Liz crocheted for her (at Mom's express request) or of my cat belt. Oh well. I hope that somewhere along the line, she'll understand what they are and what they mean.

I got lots of nice stuff: a great travel mug, a CD of old-time fiddle music, a book of British Isles fiddle tunes, a lovely necklace (from Mom, who made it for herself from turquoise beads several years ago), and a book of artwork from the Peter Jackson LotR adaptations. Oh, and when I got here, my mother had me go through footwear she can no longer use because her feet have gotten bigger, and that netted me three pairs of boots, two pairs of shoes and some sneakers. I'll have to ship a box home; there's no way all this is fitting in my suitcase.

So then, of course, today we shopped. I got yarn for my sister and nephew's socks (and some for myself), several 2010 calendars -- two for the house and one for my purse -- and a belt on sale at the Gap. Liz got some books of crochet sock patterns and assorted calendars, and bought me a nice hat from the Gap. My nephew got a lot of new clothing. We had a fun lunch and went to a pretty (although overcrowded) museum. So it was a great day, despite absolutely pouring rain.

I've been having fun practicing my fiddle here, although my repertoire's become severely limited now that Christmas carols are no longer appropriate. Relatives and cats have all been very patient with the noise. Felicity seems to have handled travel fine, and actually sounds better here, possibly because of the greater humidity.

Okay, I'm done blogging for today, I promise. I have to go upstairs and see if Mom wants to be put to bed.

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