Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Eve

We've had a pleasant day. Mom actually got dressed and came downstairs, which is -- I gather -- very rare these days. It's been hard to watch her because she has so much trouble getting around. I was especially glad to get a good picture of her; she has a terrible dowager's hump, and while her right arm is very skinny, her left is horribly swollen. I thought that was from her congestive heart failure (and it freaked me out, because my father's left arm looked like that before he died; that, and the sound of Mom's oxygen concentrator, had me in flashback mode last night), but evidently the doctor says it's not from her heart. Instead, she may have partially dislocated that shoulder in one of her falls, although it doesn't seem painful and the doctor's not sure there's anything they can do about it at this point.

So, anyhow, Mom came downstairs. I played my fiddle for her and she fell asleep -- better than running screaming, for sure -- but her home health aide said kind things about my playing, and later on, my sister got out her recorder and we played some rough duets. That was a lot of fun.

My nephew arrived this afternoon. Over dinner, I grilled him about his new girlfriend, who's a veterinary tech and sounds very nice, and like a good match for him; from her picture, she's pretty, too. We'd originally planned to open gifts tonight, but Mom wants to wait until tomorrow, so instead, we gorged ourselves on Christmas cookies.

My sister and her family have a new wireless network to which I can connect very easily -- I was never able to get on the old one -- so that makes me very happy. When I'm done with this post, I'm going to go downstairs and continue knitting a pair of socks for my sister. We'll listen to some music and probably drink some tea. I'll sleep well, since I'm jet-lagged and barely managed to prvent myself from napping today.

I hope everyone's having a wonderful holiday!

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