Saturday, February 09, 2008


My hospital shift is normally midweek, but I had conflicting meetings at work this week, so I went to the hospital today instead. It started out really slow and got very busy: I talked to 115 people, which tops my previous record of 97 by a fair bit. A lot of that came from large family groups and a crowded waiting room (and much more traffic than usual in the fast-track area); I only had one really significant visit. So it was a very odd shift, because I felt like I wasn't doing much, but when I looked at my census sheet at the end of the afternoon, the numbers had really added up.

The medical staff were looking more than a little crazed by the time I left. I hope they all make it through the evening!


  1. Wow! One hundred fifteen people is a lot! If you work a waiting room you must be pretty good at working crowds. How do you decide who to talk to in a waiting room?

    Have a good Sunday, Susan!


  2. Hi, Lee! I go around introducing myself and offering to talk to everybody; in the waiting room, I usually don't get any takers, but it does happen occasionally, so I still do my sweeps. I only go there at the end of the shift, though, because otherwise I'd just see the same people back in the ED proper, or in Fast Track.


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