Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Just Because You're Superstitious, That Doesn't Mean Something Freaky Isn't Going On

Longtime blog readers may recall that I've had, for many years now, a pattern of awful stuff happening on and around the Spring Equinox. (I talked about that pattern in my Easter Vigil homily last year.) Our Spring Break trips to Hawai'i have been, in part, an attempt to break that pattern, and they've been partly successful. But I'm still leery of that time of year.

Bishop Dan and I had a short e-mail conversation the other day about which of us will be preaching on Maundy Thursday. He'll be doing a lot of preaching at other parishes during Holy Week, and he said it would be a favor to him if I'd preach, so of course I said I would.

He also asked if we could talk about my discernment process; he said he didn't want to push, but he thought I was working with an interpretation of the vow of obedience that isn't actually in our church tradition, and that a conversation might be helpful. So we made an appointment for that afternoon.

And then I went to write it in my calandar, and, lo and behold, Maundy Thursday is the Spring Equinox this year. My stomach immediately knotted: it will be a difficult conversation anyway (for me, not for him), but having it fall on that day seemed like a bad omen.

I thought I was just being silly and superstitious. But today I mentioned the situation to my psychiatrist, who immediately looked alarmed and said, "Do you have to talk to him then? Can't you reschedule it? I think you should reschedule it."

"Really?" I'd expected her to pooh-pooh me.

"Yes, really. If things don't go well with him, I don't want that pattern reinforced for you."

So I've now, somewhat sheepishly, e-mailed him to ask if we can reschedule. (I also explained that I was acting on doctor's orders!) If nothing else, I'll be calmer and more articulate if the Equinox has safely passed.

I'm still planning to preach, though. Because I prepare homilies ahead of time, that shouldn't be a problem.


  1. I just read your older post, and am awed by your experiences. The church is a crazy place, and exploring a vocation in the church is certainly a daunting process.

    You will be in my prayers.

  2. Prayers being said, Susan. Cling to the good Lord's robe and wrap yourself in his arms.

    Peace! & Hope! w/ Love added in.


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