Thursday, February 07, 2008

Tiny Steps

My Lenten discipline is to get back into writing (and specifically to try to get the ED sonnets revised and given to the hospital for vetting by Easter). Today I fixed up an old poem -- not a sonnet -- and sent it out to a journal. It feels good to get something out there again, whatever the outcome is.

After Easter, I'll get back to the novel, but it makes sense to finish up smaller projects first.

I have tentative ideas for two more novels after November; if this actually happens, the three will be linked thematically, although they won't share the same characters or settings. But having ideas for future projects gives me more motivation to finish the current one.

We'll see if any of this happens. It's very, very early days yet. But having a plan helps, right?


  1. Anonymous1:42 PM

    This discipline is a good plan. It's so easy to procrastinate. I've wanted to write for years but nothing has come of it. But now I'm going through exercises in writing stylistic sentences and paragraphs. The discipline is good in that I'm paying attention to the craft. Good luck to you, Susan!

  2. Great Lenten discipline, Susan! May the hospital be as disciplined about getting them back to you. Btw...I was always hoping you would publish another 2 or more of them. Please let me know when the book comes out?


  3. Thank you, Anon.!

    Lee: I don't want to publish them all on the blog, because books need to have at least some previously un-public material. But I think we're looking at IF the book comes out, not when! (I'd love to be that optimistic, but . . . . ) IF it comes out, I'll be making announcements, believe me!

  4. Thanks, Susan. Since you think it's an IF situation, I'll pray for it to become a WHEN. :) I think it would be a really good book and maybe an even better ministry.

    Peace! & Hope!

  5. Anonymous5:34 AM

    Hi, Susan,

    Just a quick note to say how glad I am about all your recent news - your mother out of the hospital, an appointment with the bishop, new knitting all over the place, and now a poem in the mail - congratulations!

    And a belated happy Ash Wednesday and blessed Lent to you as well,


  6. Hi Susan!

    Wow! I feel so happy to have happened upon your website. Actually, i didn't happen upon it. I posted something on one of my group blogs about your book and a poster provided a link to your blog. I just have to say I really admire your work. -C

  7. Jean -- It's always great to hear from you! I hope you're doing well!

    Carole -- Thank you so much for the kind words. I'm glad you enjoy my writing!


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