Thursday, February 28, 2008

Shameless Plea for Votes

Hi, everybody! Both Shelter and The Fate of Mice are on this year's Locus Recommended Reading List, which means that they're also on the ballot for the annual Locus Awards. Jacob Weisman, my editor at Tachyon, reminded me of this today (when he called to tell me that someone's interested in the Korean rights to FoM -- woo-hoo!).

Jacob instructed me to tell all my friends, relations, and blog readers to vote for me. (I'd say, please vote for me only if you've actually read the books in question and liked them. If you haven't read them yet but think you might like them, you can order them from Amazon -- links above, as well as on my sidebar -- or look for them in your local library. Also, many people feel that it's not ethical to vote for an award if they haven't read all the nominees, and I absolutely respect that.) The ballot is here. You don't need to be a Locus subscriber to vote. Shelter's on the drop-down list for SF novels, and The Fate of Mice is on the list for single-author collection.

The voting deadline is April 15.

I know this is tacky, but it comes with the territory.

Thanks so much!


  1. Vote submitted, Susan. Wish I could claim to have read more of the other choices in the vast list of possibilities they had. I'm thinking of copying the list for future thought next time I hit the library. In the art category I was at least able to say which artists were my top 3 favorites. :)


  2. Thank you very much, Lee!


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