Saturday, March 12, 2011

View of Ship from Hotel Window

Our San Diego hotel's right across the street from the cruise terminal. How convenient is that?

Our trip yesterday went fine, but seemed to take forever. There are no direct flights from Reno to San Diego, so we had to switch both planes and airlines at LAX. This involved not one but two shuttle-bus rides: very surreal. A small highway, in effect, winds through the airport, and you're driving with other shuttles and cars past huge machinery and arrays of blinking red lights, with the neon glow of terminals in the distance. Very Blade Runner.

When we finally got to the gate for our connecting flight, the overhead TV was full of dire predictions about nuclear meltdown in Japan. When we got to San Diego, a woman on our hotel shuttle (who'll also be on our cruise) told us that her grandson had flown into Tokyo the day before. He landed right before the quake hit, and is stranded at the airport.

I read a news story this morning that cruise ships at sea are safe from tsunamis. Good to know.

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