Saturday, March 05, 2011

Vacation's Coming!

This time next week, our cruise ship will be on its way to Mexico. I can't wait! We now both own snorkels and wetsuits; corrective masks are on their way and should arrive Wednesday. Today I found the fitover sunglasses I'd misplaced -- they were wedged between the gearshift and the driver's seat in the car -- so we're just about all set.

I've ordered an MP3 of my mother's message: it wasn't very expensive, and I prefer that to fooling with cables. (Thanks again, Danielle! So good to know that service is out there.)

As of today, I've volunteered over 950 hours at the hospital (950.5, to be precise). We had a code, but the patient came back quickly, and I pray he'll do okay in the ICU. Otherwise, my most memorable visit of the day was with a sneering atheist -- a bit like my father, but with much less pleasant manners -- who lectured me for several minutes about how all religions are based on guilt, about how religion is just an addiction, and about how religious people just want to kill anyone who doesn't share their views.

I commented that if religion's an addiction, it's healthier than heroin or meth. He ignored that. When he got to the homicidal believer part, I said, "Y'know, I'm religious, and I'm not trying to kill you, am I? I've never tried to kill anybody. I've never even wanted to kill anybody."

He ignored that, too. It's a source of continual amazement to me that people who a) don't share my faith, and b) are actively hostile to my faith, nonetheless a) believe that they know more about what I believe than I do and b) blithely disregard whatever contrary evidence I'm providing by standing in front of them.

"All religious people only want to kill nonbelievers!" Yes, that's why the hospital chaplain just asked if there's anything she can do to make you more comfortable.

I guess it just goes to show that non-religious folk can be every bit as closed-minded as the believers they're berating. Although, really, when I started volunteering six years ago, I expected much more of this kind of thing (as my father's daughter, I learned to get ready for long, detailed arguments whenever the word "God" popped up). In all that time, only a handful of patients have been nasty, which is really pretty remarkable, when you consider that anybody in the ER is having a very bad day. What amazes me is how polite almost everybody is, regardless of spiritual background. Still, this guy could have used some courtesy coaching from one of our well-mannered Satanists.


  1. You will enjoy your deserve it.

  2. Anonymous7:05 AM

    Sigh. My ex's little sister used to be an angry xtian and now she's an angry athiest, and hasn't yet realized that her issue is the anger, not religion or its absence.

  3. People who go off like that are on auto pilot; they don't want a conversation, they simply rush to their destination using your attention as fuel.
    It seems to me that worship is what we do for the thing we give the most priority in our lives. By that definition we all have a god.


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