Thursday, March 17, 2011

Ah, Cabo!

This morning Gary and I woke up to find the boat anchored off Cabo. We ate breakfast on our verandah while watching whales and dolphins. Lovely!

We really liked Cabo (much better than Puerto Vallarta). The bay's so pretty, and it didn't hurt that the tender dropped us off right in the thick of the action -- bars! t-shirt shops! jewelry stores! ATM ATM ATM! -- so we didn't have to worry about taxis. As in PV, there were a lot of military around, but they wore simple sidearms and ambled along the boardwalk with everybody else, instead of wearing helmets and holding machine guns and generally looking combat ready.

Our second snorkel excursion was better than the first in a few respects. There were fewer people on the boat, and the boat itself was nicer: a catamaran with webbing between the pontoons, so people could sit there. On our way out of the bay, we watched sea lions playing in the water, and also saw a baby whale, surrounded by a ring of water taxis (no boat would have been allowed to get that close in the U.S.), breaching and slapping its fin on the water. One of the other passengers on our boat said, "Junior's doing tricks for the paparazzi." I just hoped that the fin-slapping wasn't baby's way of yelling, "Moooom! I'm being chased by those little boxes that travel on top of the water! Help!"

At the actual snorkel site, Gary and I were once again very glad we had our wetsuits. The water was cold. Also murky. Also, we'd been told to look for fish by the rocks, but we'd also been warned against touching the rocks, which sported sea urchins that could have pierced our snorkel flippers. The problem was that when we got close to the rocks, waves tried to smash us into them, so we had to keep a healthy distance. We still saw lots of fish, although not as clearly as we would have in Hawai'i. Mostly we saw other snorkelers; the site was a sea of waving blue fins and yellow snorkels. So it was still fun, but Hawai'i's much better for snorkeling all around.

Tomorrow's an at-sea day. Saturday morning, we disembark in San Diego. I'm sorry the cruise is ending, but it will be nice to be back home with the kitties. Our cat-sitter's been sending us photos and little notes to reassure us that all's well.

Oh, and we had no untoward effects from the Starbucks coffee. Thank goodness!

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