Thursday, March 10, 2011

Getting Ready

I've now crammed almost every item of clothing I own, along with too many shoes, plus swimming and snorkel gear (swimsuits, snorkel, mask, and wetsuit) into my suitcase. We leave tomorrow afternoon, so I still have time to organize the carry-on stuff tomorrow morning. I'm not bringing my laptop; I'll probably buy one of the internet packages on the ship -- so I can scan messages for emergency e-mail from our cat-sitter or my sister -- and use the computers in the library. I may or may not blog.

Our prescription masks arrived yesterday, but to our great disappointment, Gary's didn't fit. He'll have to take his chances with whatever the shore-excursion people have on the rack. The cruise line assures me that corrective masks will indeed be available, but whether they'll be a good fit for Gary's eyes is another matter. He's done well in the past at Snorkel Bob's in Hawai'i, but I suspect the shore-excursion companies don't offer that large a selection.

My mask seems to fit very well, although I haven't tried it in actual water yet. The correction seems fine too, although these are straight diopters, and not lenses custom-ground to address my astigmatism.

I'm absolutely exhausted -- along with just about everyone else I know -- and I really need this trip. I hope we have good weather and lots of colorful marine life, and that warmth and sunshine revive both my brain and my spirits.


  1. It is going to be wonderful. Sun, sand, little fishies, colourful surroundings....fabulous. I hope you have a wonderful, relaxing time.

  2. I do hope your destination wasn't in the path of the tsunami...


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