Tuesday, March 08, 2011

News Flash! Social Work Reprieved!

From the homepage of the UNR Social Work Program:
Message from Dr. Denise M. Montcalm, Director UNR School of Social Work:

A short while ago, we received word from Provost Johnson that, because UNLV is proposing ”curricular review” of their social work programs, he is retracting the proposal to close the School of Social Work at UNR. This action reflects the President’s and the Provost’s commitment to ensuring “… that Nevada students have an opportunity to obtain a social work degree in Nevada.”
Thanks be to God! I'm unclear on the relationship between UNLV's curricular review and what's happening here -- it sounds like UNLV thinks they'll close their programs, so we get to keep ours so there will still be one in the state -- but it's good news. We'll take it!

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  1. Social workers do lots of good and I see a lot of job openings in the classifieds for those skills. Seems like a good program to keep open.



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