Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Another E-Book

Noodling around Amazon, I discovered that Shelter is already available on Kindle, even though The Necessary Beggar -- published first -- still isn't slated for e-book release until December 2012.

The ways of publishers are strange.

In any case, Shelter's a great choice for an e-book, because it's a big heavy brick of a print book and would add several pounds to any piece of luggage, but it will add no weight to your Kindle at all. Magic!

Also, did you know that you can now buy Kindle books as gifts for other people? Recipients don't even need a Kindle to read the gift: they can read it on their PC, their iPad, or their Blackberry. I believe Amazon will soon be releasing Kindle apps for microwave-oven doors and digital watches. Surely you know someone who has a birthday coming up soon and would welcome the gift of a book that's weightless even though it's over 500 pages long?

Weightless books! The future has arrived! Get 'em a copy of War and Peace while you're at it! (Seriously: if I'd had my Kindle ten years ago, I might not be having back problems now.)

In other news, I'm glad to report that the anniversary of my dad's death went fine, mostly. I was a little foggy-brained, but that's business-as-usual for the week after break, and for several weeks after that. In fact, I'll probably be foggy-brained until the end of the semester (and maybe much longer; it may simply be a permanent condition at this point).

All right. Clearly I'm punchy and need to go to bed. Good night!


  1. You are sounding like I do first thing in the am before coffee.
    Congrats on yet another book hitting the e world.

  2. I don't remember Shelter as being physically burdensome in its heft because it was such a good and interesting read. But yes, weightless books, how nice!


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