Monday, December 06, 2010


My copies of the Italian edition of Flying in Place arrived this weekend. See how pretty? It's in Italian! It's on Kindle! Flying in Place is all over the place!

I stayed home from the hospital on Saturday, again, because I still had a wretched cough and didn't want to alarm anyone in the ER. I intended to be virtuous and get a lot of work done. Ha.

Well, okay, maybe, if you define knitting as work (which I don't, exactly). I woke up, finished one pair of socks, started another pair of socks, worked on my qiviut scarf, went for a short swim to stretch out my back, went to the yarn store, where I worked some more on the qiviut scarf and bought a new pair of circular needles, and then came home, where -- to test the new needles, 'natch -- I stayed up entirely too late knitting a completely addictive cowl. Cowls are great! They're scarves! They're hats! They're fun and stretchy! I foresee many cowls as Christmas gifts next year.

On Sunday, sleeping off my knitting hangover, I was in bed until noon (eeek!), and got up feeling roughly as energetic as the young lady on the Italian FliP cover. Had a fiddle lesson, went to church, and drove Gary to a concert at the university; instead of going to the concert myself, I worked in the library to make up for time lost to knitting.

Today's the last day of formal classes, although I still have various piles o' grading and administrative tasks, and a poster session my freshman are required to attend on Saturday. But we're definitely in the home stretch.


  1. Anonymous3:05 PM

    My rudimentary Italian suggests that perhaps "Anime in volo" translates to "Spirit in Flight" - a lovely alternative to the original, I find.

    Congratulations, Susan!


  2. Congrats! It's a pretty cover, isn't it?


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