Friday, December 31, 2010

A Few New Year's Lists

Best Things About 2010:

(Not necessarily in this order!)

Gary (always)
Sea Turtles
My viola
Music, generally
Getting my sabbatical for 2011-12

Worst Things About 2010:

Too many people I love died
I didn't get enough writing done

My Hopes for 2011:

That no one I love will die this year
That I'll write a lot, and that I'll like what I write
That other people will like what I write enough to publish it
That I'll generally be productive on my sabbatical
That I'll enjoy the Mexico cruise as much as I enjoyed the Alaska one
That we'll see whales and dolphins and sea turtles and manta rays in Mexico
That we'll find a wonderful new kitten to adopt at the end of my sabbatical (although that will be in 2012, come to think of it)
That I'll get better both at fiddling and at Spanish
That I'll knit my first sweater, or at least a vest

My Modest Resolutions

Write more
Exercise more
Practice the fiddle more
Lose some weight (even five pounds would help!)
Stop procrastinating (I've never managed this yet, but I keep hoping)
Be happier

And you, dear readers?


  1. instead of cluttering up your comment box with the whole of the text i just posted, i'll leave you with he link:

    funny i was thinking of you as i posted it and there was your post in my reader. huh.

  2. I have only one resolution and that is to be remembered fondly. Not as easy as it sounds.


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