Thursday, December 30, 2010

Let's Hear it for Space Cucumbers!

My story Cucumber Gravy, originally posted on the late, lamented SciFiction site in 2001, is being reprinted in the January issue of Lightspeed Magazine. You can buy the e-book of the entire issue here, or wait until January 11, when the story will be posted on the website (I'll post a link when it's up). But $2.99's a steal, yes? And if you buy the e-issue, you get so many other goodies too!

I'm really fond of this story, which I describe as C.S. Lewis meets the Coen Brothers in the Nevada desert, and I'm very happy that it's back in print.


  1. Hip Hip.....Good for you. I don't have an e-reader so I will have to wait for the link.

  2. Anonymous7:19 AM

    funny, I just thought of Cucumber Gravy when I returned from my trip to Kansas and found a bag of liquified salad greens in my crisper!
    Congrats on the good reprint news.

  3. Anonymous7:20 AM

    ....of course, any type of dead mouse would have reminded me of some of your fiction too....


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