Friday, December 24, 2010

Miss You, Mom

This is the last photo I took of my mother, a year ago today.

To distract myself from sad memories, I went swimming -- the gym was a madhouse as everyone attempted to burn off a few more calories before Christmas -- and then went shopping. Last night I taught myself how to knit socks on two circular needles. It's not difficult, just a bit tricky, since the circulars tend to get tangled up in the sock, the yarn, and each other. It has the great advantage, though, that you can't lose a needle, which is something I routinely accomplish in really inconvenient places like airplanes and concerts. It has the other great advantage that trying on socks-in-progress is infinitely easier when they're on two circulars than when they're on three DPNs. So for the time being, I'm going to stick with this method.

This required me to go out and buy extra circs in sizes two and three. Along the way, I bought yarn (mostly on sale, and the non-sale stuff I paid for with the gift certificate my sister gave me for my birthday). Then I stopped by my favorite discount place and got two pairs of slacks for a total of $20. Woo-hoo! Shopping on Christmas Eve is fun when you don't have to do it.

I got home to discover that the two estate checks, my final Christmas gift from my mother, had come in today's mail.

Miss you, Mom.


  1. susan, i have just come back from church and caught up with your blog.

    happy knitting, with you on missing your parents, and i hate the breast cancer awareness industry.

    it's been interesting living with the drunks and junkies and other crazies and assorted wounded souls among whom i stand as an equal, a thing my friends at home do not understand. they seem to think that somehow i'm different than that, that "we're" different and that the staff must enjoy working with someone as "promising" as me.


    tomorrow is christmas and the drunks and junkies are all gonna go and serve dinner downtown because as far as they're concerned having a roof over your head and friends to go with puts you in the class of people that counts itself fortunate enough to get off your ass and go volunteer. kinda stunning, you know?

    last sunday i went to church at this little church in the middle of nowhere because when i was crying and crying, asking for a chaplain to come and none came and none came at last a pastor came from a small church not very near the hospital and it was her church i went to last week and when people asked me why i had come to church there i told them exactly why, and they swelled with pride that it had been their pastor who had come to help me in my need.

    i thought of you so far away helping people i never met and who you never met and would maybe never see again and how necessary that work is and it's christmas and i wanted you to have this:!.html

  2. flask -- Thank you so much for this moving comment! And thank you for the link; I love the visual, but I can't see the rest of it because I don't have Quicktime and am having trouble downloading it. (Computers: grrrr!) But, anyway, thank you. And you remain in my prayers (but you knew that).

  3. ok, so i'll just crown your inbox wit' da WHOOOLE album. hope you like it.

  4. Why do you knit socks with two circular needles? Are you knitting two socks at the same time to make sure they're identical?
    Ta, Di

  5. flask: Thank you!

    Di: I'm not knitting two at the same time, no, although one can. I'm doing it for the reasons I state in the post: so I won't have to worry about losing a needle, and so I can try the socks on more easily while I'm knitting them.


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