Friday, October 01, 2010

Poor Harley!

Because his kidneys haven't gotten worse, fuzzy beast had to have dental work today. They wound up extracting five teeth, and sent him home with pain meds and antibiotics.

When we got home, he staggered out of his carrying case and started dragging himself, rump bumping the ground, in circles around the house while he howled. He kept blundering into extension cords and getting himself tangled up in them. Because we had to go out tonight -- I shouldn't have scheduled his surgery on a day we had an inflexible social commitment, but I've never had a cat do this badly after dental work before! -- we put him in the downstairs bathroom with food, water, and a litter pan, as per the vet's instructions. When we got back, he was crouched panting in a corner, his nose to the wall, having urinated all over the bathroom because he couldn't climb into the litter box.

I feel awful, although certainly not as awful as the cat does.

Gary cleaned up the bathroom while I followed Harley around as he staggered in circles around the family room, resting for a while with his nose against the patio door while I patted him. We've now given him more pain meds (he starts the antibiotics tomorrow), but he's still staggering in circles and he still can't move his back legs properly.

I like and trust our vet, who was very careful with him today and gave him extra fluids because of the kidney issues. This lameness worries me, though. If he's not better tomorrow morning, I'll take him back in: they're open on Saturday, thank goodness! There's no way I'm subjecting him to Animal Emergency right now, especially if this is just normal -- if miserable -- recovery from anesthesia.

We don't think he's eaten anything; we can't tell about water. At one point he looked like he was trying, unsuccessfully, to throw up, so I suspect he's nauseous (as the vet said he might be).

She said the teeth they extracted were probably hurting him. I just pray that whatever freedom of pain this procedure buys him is worth the horror in the meantime.

I suspect I won't be going to the hospital tomorrow. I'm still hammered with allergies, and I'm giving a talk to a local convention tomorrow afternoon, and I'm behind on grading; and on top of all that, I now want to stay home with Harley, if only to apologize to him for my absence tonight.

Maybe he'll be all better tomorrow morning. I sure hope so!


  1. It may be taking him a bit longer to get rid of the anaesthetic (spelling?) they gave him at the vets due to his kidney problems. Poor little soul. He is one lucky cat to get the medical attention you are giving him even if he doesn't realize it right now.

  2. My 14-yr-old cat had dental work (3 teeth removed) on Thursday; he was better -- more comfortably mobile but not interested in food -- on Friday evening. But it was not until this morning, almost 48 hours later, that he seemed to be himself again.

    One tip my vet gave which has worked well is to soak some dry food (if he normally eats it and likes the taste) in a little water and then give him the "broth" to drink. My cat did consume some of that on Friday, and I'm using it today to soften up his regular wet food and to add some flavor to mask the antibiotic powder mixed in the food.

    Best wishes to both of you for a speedy recovery!

  3. oh, man.

    i think i know how he feels, except when i'm recovering from anesthesia i at least have had it explained to me.

    sorry for you all.

    and prayers, still.

  4. I hope he'll be okay real fast. Poor guy.


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