Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Funny, if it Weren't Painful

Between not getting to the gym for the last four days, lugging Harley's carrying case around, sitting on uncomfortable seats in the AEC waiting room, and the stress of losing the cat, I'm now -- not surprisingly -- semi-crippled by lower back pain. The back muscles haven't gone into full spasm, but they're threatening to do so any second.

The funny thing here, if you have a particularly dark sense of humor (and who doesn't?) is that I'm walking with a severe limp, not that different from the cat's gait after his surgery. At least I'm sure mine's not caused by a blood clot!

Earlier this afternoon, I managed to lower myself onto the floor so I could try to do some stretching exercises. That didn't work very well, so I tried to get up again, which worked even less well. I had to call Gary for help; between the two of us, we finally managed to get me into a position from which I could get back to my feet.

"Oh, good," Gary said as I stood up. "We won't have to take you to Animal Emergency."

Yeah, no kidding!

I called my doctor, who phoned in a prescription for muscle relaxants. Gary walked down to the store to get them, since I don't think driving would be a great idea. (I know swimming would help my back, and the doctor said he'd recommend it, but, well, I don't think driving would be a good idea, especially now that I've taken the muscle relaxant.)

I'm hoping that since I've addressed the back pain before it went into full spasm, I'll be feeling well enough to teach tomorrow.



  1. clairesmum5:35 PM

    So sorry to hear about Harley - such a wonderful eulogy you wrote, Susan. Bali and Figaro are doing what you'd expect - getting attention and reassurance. I do think sometimes there is something in the air when you seem to hear of multiple illnesses/deaths in a short period of time. With animals, it may be the onset of shorter days and longer nights - for all that we have domesticated our cats and dogs, they are still biologically wild animals. The pull of the natural cycle of harvests and endings and returning to earth before the time of winter is still in each of them. At least, that's what I think-my scientist husband would raise both eyebrows in skepticism! Take care of yourself, and Gary, and Bali and Figaro - grief is always unsettling.

  2. Anonymous10:13 AM

    Dear Susan,

    I'm so sorry to hear your back is acting up - I hope you get well soon.



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