Saturday, October 30, 2010

That Went Well

Loyal reader mbj asked quite some time ago for a close-up of Bali. This evening I took a short break from Mounds o' Grading (TM) to try to get a decent one.

It isn't easy. He moves a lot, either away from the camera or -- as in this case -- towards it.

I think the nose here makes him look a bit like a pig, but maybe that's just me. But after looking at this picture, I was tempted to rename him Wilbur.

Even when he's staying relatively still, he blurs, as in this shot, which at least allows you to admire his glossy fur and his fanciful cold-weather ruff.

His ruff is one of his glories, as are the tufts between his toes. Both achieve their pinnacle in March or April, before he starts shedding Pounds O' Fluff (TM) to get ready for summer.

Here's another version with more visible eyes and a slightly better view of the ruff. In this one he looks like an owl, not a pig. Such a versatile beast!

So there you have it. I tried, mbj, really I did. He just isn't a cooperative subject!

He wishes to inform his viewing public, however, that he will pose for food, especially his beloved cashew nuts or frozen peas. But only if you also ask very, very nicely.


  1. The first picture is scary. Definitely his Halloween pose.

  2. That first shot looks a bit like the creature from the black lagoon....and yet so demure and sweet in the last photo. Somewhere in the middle lies the truth.

  3. Awwww what a pretty fella.. my neighbour has a cat that for some reason likes to pounce and bite my feet as i walk past.. i wouldn't mind. i've had cats in the past and like them.. no idea what i've done to upset Pebbles lol


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