Monday, October 25, 2010

Getting Cranky

This morning I woke up figuring I'd be more or less back to more or less normal, because meds plus several days of bed rest has always put me right before. But it quickly became apparent that a) the back wasn't back to anything like normal and b) I was going to have to take meds to get through the workday.

I took the meds and got through the workday, more or less, although in one class where I normally sit a lot I had to keep standing up because sitting was too uncomfortable. Sigh.

My MRI's scheduled for one tomorrow afternoon. The imaging place called the house to say that it was scheduled for this afternoon, during one of my classes -- nice of them to check with the patients on these things! -- but Gary called me at work to alert me, and I called the imaging place and got the time switched. I'd have canceled my class if they hadn't been able to get me in tomorrow, but I'm glad it didn't come to that.

Since I haven't met this year's deductible yet, the MRI will cost $630. Ouch. But hey, that's what emergency medical funds are for. At least we have it. (The very nice scheduling lady told me they have a twenty-four-month interest-free payment plan for people who need to do it that way.) My rheumatologist, who referred me for the scan, should have the results tomorrow, so I'll call late afternoon and see if they know anything, and in the meantime I'll call the PT place and try to get an appointment for Thursday.

I went with this PT place after several friends raved about it, but another friend today told me that this guy made her worse, and gave me the number of her chiropractor instead. However, I haven't had great experiences with chiropractors, so I'll start with PT and see what happens. I just hope that somebody can get me back to feeling normalish sometime soon, because this is getting extremely tiresome. Y'know how about halfway through a cold or the flu, you can't remember what it feels like to be healthy? That's how I'm starting to feel after three weeks of crankyback.



  1. "The very nice scheduling lady told me they have a twenty-four-month interest-free payment plan for people who need to do it that way."

    It's a very nice plan, run through Chase. The only problem is that if you're late on or miss a payment, all of accrued interested (at something like 24% p.a.) comes due, and it's explicitly interest-bearing from then on.

    There are also strata of times; I doubt $630 would get the 24-month plan--probably a 12- or an 18-month one.

    Good to do if you know you're going to have the money coming in; otherwise, it becomes relatively more important to pay than a mortgage or credit card bills.

  2. I'll be blessing hands here at the hospital while you're in the MRI tube, but I'll be thinking of you.

    I appreciate the choice for PT first - start with conservative care. Some years ago I had PT for a neck injury, and it was more than sufficient to my needs.


  3. Different hospitals must handle things differently. When Jody and I had the girls, and Clio had to spend a week in NICU, we ended up with a substantial bill owed to the hospital. In fact, it was equal to our maximum out of pocket for our insurance -- imagine that!

    But the hospital was great about it. We were allowed a payment plan, and it wasn't run through any credit agency. It was run by the hospital. It was zero interest and very reasonable.

  4. Anonymous10:54 AM

    Dear Susan,

    So sorry to hear your back is still giving you grief. In my own experience, the pros and cons of physical therapy and chiropractic depend mostly on the chemistry between the person with the back and the person who works with the back. I've had good results with p/t, better results with network chiropractic, best results with myofascial release - but I hesitate to say whether that's because the techniques themselves vary or because my rapport with the practitioners of each has varied. A friend of mine who had a hard time with physical therapy for her back found that yoga was a good addition to the mix, and I like that myself when I can find the time.

    I hope you find the balance of body work that works for you!



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