Monday, October 18, 2010

Article about St. Stephen's

Yesterday our local paper ran a story about our parish closing. Hard to believe we only have five weeks to go.

I went to the service yesterday, for the first time in several weeks, to hear a friend preach there for the last time. I managed not to cry -- for a change! -- but I didn't linger too long afterwards. I'll only be attending two more services -- the last two -- at St. Stephen's, on November 14 and 21. Otherwise, I'll be going to my new church, to the quiet little 5 PM service that leaves me feeling peaceful and refreshed.

My hospital shift on Saturday was quiet and peaceful too, relatively speaking (certainly more so than last week's, anyway!). In the volunteer chaplain's office, I saw a flier for a retreat center in Auburn, CA, a gorgeous ninety-minute drive from here. When I got home I checked out their website and found a very appropriate -- and inexpensive! -- one-day retreat on healing from grief and loss, so I've signed up for it. If I like the place, it will be an excellent alternative to Berkeley for spiritual getaways; it's closer and the classes are less expensive (and some include food and lodging, I think). Unfortunately, Auburn has wonderful shopping, just like Berkeley does, but there's a little less of it than in Berkeley, so maybe I won't be quite as tempted as I always am there.

The timing of this retreat is perfect. Today's the two-year anniversary of my father's arrival in Reno. Yesterday was the two-year anniversary of his last night in Philadelphia, when he collapsed at my sister's house and had to be hospitalized (true to form, he left against doctor's orders the next morning to get on the plane to come out here). When I was talking to my sister this weekend, she said that when he collapsed, she really thought he'd just died. It was unbelievably traumatic for her. I'd never known that. All I remembered was her sobbing phone call about how he'd just been loaded into the ambulance, a call she now doesn't remember making.

So, yeah, I'm definitely having some anniversary reactions in through here, and the day in Auburn should be a lovely bit of self-care.

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  1. Bless your heart, you've had more than enough to justify a retreat on grief. Blessings, and I hope it's a wonderful day.

    I also once when I needed it found the right retreat opportunity on almost no notice; but that's a story for your next post.


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