Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Yay, Harley!

The vet called with the results of the bloodwork. Harley's basically where he was six months ago: his numbers aren't normal, but they also haven't gotten significantly worse. Once again, his urine contained no crystals or bacteria that would explain the bleeding.

So he's holding steady, which is the best we can hope for. This implies that we may get to enjoy his furry company for a while yet. Hurrah!

It also means, though, that we'll be going ahead with the dental work on Friday. He won't enjoy that one bit, but it will help hiim stay healthier for longer, and the vet will give him lots of extra fluids during and after the surgery to help his compromised kidneys flush the anesthesia out of his system.

I'm not looking forward to the bill for all this, but it's the price of responsible pet ownership.


  1. i'm sorry, but i may have missed this: to what species does harley belong?

    i've pretty much narrowed it down to dog or cat, and i'm leaning toward cat, but somehow i'd feel better if i knew.

    and it's all about ME feeling better, right?

    i'll keep you all in prayer.

  2. Saying a little prayer for your cat :)

  3. thursdaynextgal10:17 PM

    I can totally relate! I have a cat, Oliver, who was diagnosed with skin cancer this summer (incurable, but treated by surgically removing lumps as they appear)and I had his blood panel redone last week to see where he was (the initial panel showed some uneasy kidney functioning) and he was TOTALLY normal! So Yay for Harley and Yay for Oliver!

  4. Anonymous8:25 AM

    So glad for your good news, Susan!

    Good luck with Harley at the vet dentist,



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