Thursday, September 16, 2010

Me and my Webcam

Here I am, looking a bit bleary-eyed; behind me you can see a mirror reflecting the mess and chaos of my study. My office at work is even worse at the moment!

In this picture, I'm wearing earrings Mom gave me and a glass pendant that was hers. I think one reason I was so wobbly on Saturday was that it was the five-month anniversary of her death. Gary and I have now made a hotel reservation in San Francisco for Christmas week; I talked to my sister and she's all for a hassle-free, unpressured holiday for all of us. I was afraid she'd be offended that I didn't want to spend Christmas with her. Actually, I wouldn't at all mind spending Christmas with her; I just don't want to have to fly to Philadelphia during the holidays.

Isn't it time for somebody to invent a teleportation machine? The magazines I read when I was a kid all assured me that technology would be old hat by now, and it would make life so much easier.

Gary and I have agreed that we won't give each other Christmas gifts; the week away is a joint gift. Although if I found a teleportation machine somewhere, I might make an exception. Sharper Image, anyone?

Anyway, if the weather cooperates, San Francisco should be fabulous. Fun. Simple. I like it. I think our hotel room may have a fireplace, which would absolutely rock. But even if it doesn't, being next to Ocean Beach will rock anyway, even in December.


  1. According to Star Trek, the Transporter won't be invented until the 22nd Century and we shouldn't forget that 100 years later McCoy is still skeptical of it as a form of transportation -- we can see why in ST: The Slow Motion Picture.

    My guess is that they haven't solved the problems related to separating us from the flies yet.

  2. Anonymous3:52 PM

    We may well remember the occasion when a similar device was tested on an animal subject in the historical document GalaxyQuest:

    [Fred tries to digitize the pig-lizard]
    Jason Nesmith: What? What was that?
    Alexander Dane: Uh, nothing.
    Jason Nesmith: I heard some squealing or something.
    Gwen DeMarco: Oh, no. Everything's fine.
    Teb: But the animal is inside out.
    Jason Nesmith: I heard that! It turned inside out?
    Teb: And it exploded.



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