Sunday, September 26, 2010

New Home, Probably

I just got back from a 5 P.M. spoken service at the parish I think will be my new home. I wanted to check out this service because I so loathe having to get up early on Sunday mornings (and, indeed, I slept scandalously late today).

It was a good experience. Someone I know was there and welcomed me; one of the clergy recognized me too, although -- to my chagrin -- I didn't remember having met him. It was a stripped-down, no-frills service, very Lenten feeling, which is about where I am right now. (I liked getting out of there in fifty minutes, too.) The preaching was scripturally engaged and socially responsible, with a nifty Fun Fact About the First Century linked to a bit of liturgical theater.

One moment in the homily sounded exclusionary to me, but when I asked the rector about it later, it turned out he'd meant exactly the opposite. This is good. I hope he didn't mind my asking the question, but in my experience, preachers are flattered whenever anyone's been listening carefully enough to question a specific phrase!

I really could do without the cinderblocks and Jesus nightlight in this sanctuary, and I miss real communion bread (although since I'm off wheat, the fishfood wafers may be better for me anyway), but all things considered, I suspect this is the right place for me. I'll go for a few months and see how I feel; I don't want to make any commitments until after the holidays.

I'd been looking forward to going to church and not crying, for a change, but I started crying the minute I walked into the sanctuary. As the service went on, though, I felt better, not worse.


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