Saturday, September 04, 2010

Lotsa Yay!

Figaro, aka Elegant Beast, was six years old yesterday. I neglected to post a timely birthday greeting, and hope he'll forgive me for the fact that this one is late.

In other news:

* The DMV issue is resolved, thank goodness. It was a glitch on their website, but I successfully renewed my registration.

* My Kindle came! I love love love love love love it. For years now, I've acquired books only reluctantly, because I have so little room for them. I've never liked library books, because I like to be able to underline and make notes. Now I can carry 3,500 books, with highlights and annotations, on a small object that will fit easily into a purse. Yowsa! And to my delight, audiobooks sound great on the Kindle. My challenge now is to keep from spending my annual salary on Kindle books within a week. I've told myself that I'm only allowed to buy a new book when I've finished the books already on the device, although I keep finding really inexpensive ones I can't resist, like a ninety-nine cent Book of Common Prayer (it's not easy to navigate, however, proving -- in this case, at least -- that one gets what one pays for).

* My story collection will be on Kindle sometime soon, along with the three novels. Having gotten the Kindle issue out of the way, I'm now making inquiries about Audible. I'd love to narrate and record my own books, if I could find the time for it (next summer, maybe?).

* I have my new viola bow, but the shoulder rest hasn't come yet. Sigh. Charlene and I hope the new one will work for me; unfortunately, the music store here doesn't have a lot of different shoulder rests in stock, so I can't try them all to see which one is the best. If the one Tim's ordered for me doesn't work, Charlene thinks I should do a road trip to Sacramento or San Francisco to find a music store that stocks a range of viola rests. I'm usually thrilled by the idea of driving over the hill, but since the roadwork that slowed me down so much on my way to Berkeley continues -- and shows no sign of ever being done -- I'm less enthusiastic this time. But at least there are options; it's just a matter of getting to them.

* My nephew Owen, who works for Movies Unlimited and loves both films and comic books, is starring in a YouTube video! Check it out! (I tried to embed it here, but half the video screen kept getting cut off, so I'll send you directly to the source.)

I have to say that I absolutely loathed Sin City, the only film other than Blue Velvet I've ever wanted to stop watching halfway through (I didn't walk out on either one, because I was with other people, but both of them made me almost physically ill). I know I'm in a minority on that, though.

Tonight I'll try to get my class prep done for Wednesday. Tomorrow: church, huge party shopping at Trader Joe's, and a swim if I have time before we pick our friend Wendy up at the airport. Monday: Party! Tuesday: Actual birthday. Gary and I will take Wendy out to breakfast, and then we'll probably go for a hike somewhere, and then maybe we'll catch a movie, since the Art Museum is closed on Tuesdays. Wendy flies back to Seattle Tuesday evening, at which point I have to return to my regular life.

If I get any decent party pictures, I'll post 'em. The official RSVP list is in the mid-sixties now, so there should be lots of photo ops.

Have a good weekend, everybody!


  1. For Public Domain books, I recommend They carry azw files of many books. They aren't always laid out in the most friendly manner, they are often transfers from Gutenberg project files, but they are free.

  2. Kindle sounds wonderful. Personally I love the feel of a real book but I'm with you on the storage space.
    I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you for wonderful weather for your birthday. Here in Ontariariario the long weekend is sunk weather wise.
    You are not alone with your construction woes. This summer is the summer of road repair here. From our house, well, you can't get anywhere from here.
    PS love your positive and upbeat attitude these days

  3. Anonymous7:54 AM

    Right with you on both "Blue Velvet" and "Sin City."


  4. Hope your birthday is great!! May you have many many more!!
    Gail LaHatte
    PS I have a nook....can i get your books on Nook?
    Gail LaHatte (Al's friend)

  5. So this is the official day (Tuesday)? Happy Birthday to you. May all things wonderful come your way.


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