Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Thrilling Kindle News!

1. My very own Kindle will ship by September 8, which means I should have it by September 10. Yeah!

2. My very own novels will shortly -- in anywhere from six weeks to three months -- be available on Kindle and other e-book services. Blog reader Jill left a comment on my last post asking about that, and today I e-mailed my agent and editor to ask them, and my editor e-mailed back to say that converting backlist into e-book format is taking forever, but that he's put my books on the priority list. Thanks for asking, Jill!

When this has actually happened, I'll let everyone know. You can read my novels on Kindle. You can tell everyone you know to read my novels on Kindle. You can give all of your friends, relatives and acquaintances Amazon gift cards so they can read my novels on Kindle.

I mentioned the happy news to a colleague at work, who said, "These days, you're only a published author if you're on Kindle." I'm not sure I'd go that far, but I'm still happier being on Kindle than not being on it.

Next step: trying to get my story collection on Kindle (different publisher).


  1. I will be checking with Amazon repeatedly to see when your books become available in Kindle format. Consider them purchased day one!

  2. Thank you, Christian!


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