Wednesday, September 22, 2010

More Technical Dificulties

It's been a glitchy month. On top of trouble with car registration and Blogger, my Kindle also's been displaying a startling tendency to reboot at odd moments: like, when I'm in the middle of reading something, or when the device is simply sitting on a table or resting in my purse.

I did enough research to gather that this is a known, if rare, problem. I downloaded two software updates that were supposed to fix the issue. It kept happening. So finally, last night (or rather, this morning, since it was after midnight), I called Kindle Support again. A pleasant tech brought up my device's log -- he swore he needed my consent to do this, but does anyone else suspect Big Brother is watching? -- determined that yes, my Kindle has its own agenda, and said he'd send me a new one.

My old Kindle is really a Cylon.

Because Amazon has a warehouse in Reno, my new Kindle will arrive today. Talk about customer service! The tech sent me a link to a prepaid mailing label; I'll use this to send the old Kindle to a secret laboratory, where it will be interrogated under klieg lights and forced to confess everything it knows.

There's an SF story in here somewhere. All the misfit Kindles get together to take over the world. Nah, it's been done. Okay, all the misfit Kindles get together and start their own small-press publishing outfit, complete with a literary manifesto.

I just hope the new one works!


  1. Big Brother or Big Sister is/are indeed watching us..closely..somewhere deep in a cave like laboratory there is a computer linked to each and every one of us. THEY know when we eat, pee, sleep, work; what we buy, what we read, what we wear; how often we shop, change cars, go to the doctors office..etc etc....and what, may I ask, are they going to do with this information? I suspect that many a computer will crash out of sheer boredom. Sometime in the future when we are all living on another planet in a much more simplistic manner than we are now, there will be tales told of a strange world where everything you did was monitored to death.

    Will you be able to transfer all the books you uploaded to the old kindle on to the new kindle or will that perpetuate your techie troubles?

  2. All the books automatically migrate to the new Kindle as her books are connected to her Amazon account and not the device. It's a wonderful way of distributing IP. Xbox does a similar thing with TV shows, you can watch them on any Xbox so long as you sign in with your proper ID.

    I don't know if Baby John is attempting sarcasm, but there are indeed computers that track as much of your information as possible so that it can be sold to marketing companies for data mining. It is one of the major issues with Google and Facebook. They have so much information available to them, that people didn't "privatize" using privacy settings, that they can sell to companies for marketing purposes.


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