Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Fiddle Lesson #2

Today I learned how to use my nifty electronic tuner. I expect it will make my life much easier!

Today I was also officially allowed to touch bow to strings. Right now, we're concentrating on the A and E strings (and when we begin official TTLS practice, probably next week, it will be in A; I'd been playing it in G). My homework is to play a simple rhythm repeatedly on those strings, aiming for the best tone and form I can muster.

Charlene seems pleased with my progress. She says I'm a good student because I actually practice: evidently most adults don't! I was shocked. I thought not-practicing would be far more of a problem with kids than with grown-ups. She says, though, that while many older people are enthusiastic about learning to play, they simply don't put in the time. I told her I was practicing 30-60 minutes a day, and she said that's enough, that she wouldn't recommend more than that at this stage.

I mean, geez. Why spend the money on rental and lessons, and the time on lessons, if you aren't going to do the work?

Today I also made my plane reservations to fly back to Philly for Christmas. Gary, who's allergic both to travel and to family gatherings, will stay here to mind the cats and attend an annual chamber-music series we both enjoy, and that I'll be sorry to miss. He and I will have our own Christmas before we leave. I'll miss him, but my Mom's really looking forward to seeing me, and anyway I have to go for work, since I'm on a search committee that will be interviewing at the MLA.

Holiday catalogs are arriving already. I don't have time to knit for everyone this year, so I'm not sure what I'm going to do. Get people small fun stuff, probably.

Sigh. Remember when the madness used to start after Thanksgiving, not over a month before Halloween?

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  1. OtterB9:30 AM

    Sounds like fun (learning the fiddle)

    Re Christmas catalogs arriving ... I noticed that too. It used to annoy me when the hype started before Thanksgiving, but in recent years I've actually been pleased to have it so. I try to get the commercial aspects taken care of early so that I can spend some time & mental energy on the religious meaning of Advent in December. I could stand to have them wait until after Halloween, though. ;-)


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