Thursday, October 01, 2009

Happy October!

October's always been one of my favorite months, and when I offered to knit my friend Marin a pair of socks, she chose a color called October. I finished them today, fittingly enough. Gary took this photo; it's at a bit of an odd angle and makes the foot of the sock look longer than the leg, but actually, they're about equal in length. Also, to get good lighting he took these photos on our smooth-top stove, over which he'd laid a blanket, which is why you can see the bizarre chicken photo off to the right.

In case you can't make it out, the photo shows two clenched chicken feet sticking straight out of a cooking pot. My sister brought the picture back from college in the late sixties or early seventies, and my mother had it in her kitchen for years, and now we have it in ours. So it's a family heirloom. We're a bit weird, but you always knew that. And yes, the poor chicken obviously needs socks!

In other news, I went over to Katharine's to knit tonight, and she brought out the green fiddle, and she and Pamela -- who play violin and cello, respectively -- gave me some pointers. They decided that next week I should bring Felicity, as well as my knitting, and we'll all play together. What I can play with two notes (maybe three by then?) I don't know, but they said I can be the rhythm section. Anyway, we had great fun coming up with band names (Strange Strings? Seismic Strings?), and we named the green violin Verity. I told them that by next week, I expect the other instruments to have names, too.

Silly Strings? The Stringalongs?

Anyway, I was touched that they didn't wince too visibly when I played my two notes. Obviously women of great self-restraint! But they both are or have been music teachers, a field in which stoicism is a professional necessity.

Oh, Katharine confirmed Charlene's report that adults don't practice. Many of her adult voice students don't practice, either. She said, "They expect to get it all during their lessons."

Huh. Not me. I don't expect to get more than a quarter of it even with daily practice.


  1. Anonymous5:04 AM

    Ha! sounds like great fun! the KnitKnotes?

  2. "And yes, the poor chicken obviously needs socks!" LOL

    That color is really pretty. How long did it take for you to complete the pair?

  3. Thanks!

    KnitKnotes: I like it!

    Inky: Well, probably about a month from cast-on to finishing, but I was working on other projects in through there. If I'd only been working on those, maybe two-three weeks?


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