Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Pop Goes Felicity

This morning I took Felicity out of her case to squeeze in half an hour of practice before work. At my lesson yesterday, Charlene taught me the beginning of a polka and told me to keep practicing Mary/Lamb with the metronome, and also worked with me on better hand position. I was eager to practice all that.

Felicity had been in fine tune yesterday, and normally I only have to make slight adjustments each time I take her out of the case. This morning, the D, A, and E strings were fine, but the G string was a mess, so loose it was flopping against the fingerboard. Perplexed, I tried to tighten the pegs.

Big mistake. There was a loud crack, and the bridge went flying across the room.

Panicked, I called Charlene, who assured me with some amusement that I hadn't broken my violin, that this happens all the time and is easy for luthiers to fix. She said temperature changes can affect strings like that, although I don't know why the G string would be the only one affected. So I'll be taking Felicity into the shop tomorrow, since I didn't have time today.

This is the first day since starting lessons that I haven't practiced. But at least I had a really good excuse.

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