Sunday, October 04, 2009


After the animal blessing yesterday, I got together at a coffee house with my talented and delightful former writing students Jody and Christian Lindke, who are visiting from L.A. with their eighteen-month old twins, Nora and Cleo. We took over a corner of the coffee house, which quickly became festooned with toys, sippy cups and dropped food. Jody told me that at home, the family eats on the floor, so the girls were enchanted by dropping their food and watching it fall. Gravity! So much fun!

They also enjoyed the "buzzy bee" game, which I remember my father playing with me when I was small. It's the one where you make a buzzing noise while spiraling your index finger towards the baby's nose or stomach, which you then tickle. Both girls liked this a lot, and would lean towards my finger as it approached. At one point I played with both of them at once, and they both leaned their noses into my fingers. Cute!

They also like giving and getting kisses. And did I mention throwing things? When the throwing event was starting to reach Olympic proportions, we took them outside for a walk. Jody and Christian have baby harnesses and leashes; Jody said, "I was ambivalent about these before the girls were born, but they're absolutely essential now." We walked the babies to a nearby school athletic field, where they had great fun with some kickballs we found lying around. One of the twins also discovered a wet, muddy nerf football, which she carried by the simple expedient of biting it and holding it in her mouth, so she could also carry the kickball and her toys. Said Jody, with a sigh, "It's a really good thing we believe in strengthening their immune systems."

All in all, a thoroughly fun get-together. I hope they come back to Reno soon!

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  1. 'Strengthening their immune systems.' A classic. They sound almost enough to make me wish ours weren't grown up.


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