Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Work in Progress

Right now I'm working on two pairs of socks: some orange cotton lace ones for my friend Marin, and a pair of funny purple puffy woolen ones for me. I'd hoped to post pictures tonight, but none came out properly.

I also lost a great chance to get a hilarious video of Bali attacking my knitting. Instead of filming, I got the yarn away from him so he wouldn't bite through it, as he's done before. When I find weak places in the yarn, it's usually because he's been gnawing on it, although I've seen no sign yet that he's actually eaten any of the stuff, which could be very dangerous.

The new novel, formerly known as TSWP, progresses apace, although it hasn't yet been offered a home. Ah, well. If anything ever happens on that front, I'll post more details. Right now, I'm just trying to write a page or two a day so I don't lose heart. It's not genre -- or not very genre, anyway, although there are hints of magical realism -- and I really hope somebody buys it.

In local news, there was a massive power outage at UNR this evening, in the middle of one of my classes, but I believe it's been fixed now (the website's back up, anyway).

And tomorrow I have acres of work to do. Good night!

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