Sunday, September 27, 2009

Pretty Mellow, I'd Say

In a comment on my previous post, Inez asked how the cats are responding to the violin.

When the case came into the house, they all had to sniff it thoroughly. They've shown no inclination to climb inside it when it's open, although I don't plan to push my luck on that!

Bali went through a very brief period of thinking that the bow was a cat toy (because everything's a cat toy), but was easily dissauded. Good thing, that.

As for my playing -- if we can even grace it with that word -- the cats seem to be taking the noise in stride. Gary was at a movie this afternoon, so I took the opportunity to take Felicity downstairs and practice for an hour. I had the practice mute on so I wouldn't horrify the neighbors any more than necessary, but Harley was napping three feet away from me, in the pose shown above, and didn't twitch a whisker the entire time.

Of course, maybe he was just stunned into paralysis.

I'm becoming more confident with TTLS, and have now started sounding out A Mighty Fortress is Our God. It's great fun (for me, anyway!).

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  1. When I first started playing the violin, our cat used to sneak up on me and bite my ankles. You're lucky!


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