Sunday, September 20, 2009

Knitting Update

I'm currently in the middle of three pairs of socks, which is a little ridiculous. I'm working on a second pair of hiking socks for Gary, and I'm still only midway through my friend Marin's second sock, and last night I finished my first Puffy Purple Sock, shown above, for myself. As you can see, this is a very silly high-concept sock, but it actually fits well and is comfortable. It's not exactly practical -- it won't fit into most of my shoes -- but it will be great to wear with slippers in the winter.

On this sock, I tried Russian Bind-Off for the first time, since it reputedly produces a very stretchy edge. And so it does, but I got part of it backwards, which is why the top looks a bit messy. It fits like a charm, though! I need to frog the bind-off on Marin's first sock and replace it with Russian, but I'm having trouble seeing how to frog my previous bind-off, and will need expert assistance.

I'm knitting her socks on #2 DPNs. I'd been using bamboo needles, whih were as sharp as barbecue skewers and hurt my hands when I knit with them. Yesterday I spent part of my LYS gift certificate (the one from my sister) on Brittany DPNs, which have a blunter tip. What a difference! I think Marin's socks will progress more quickly now that I have more comfortable needles.

Oh, yesterday I think I also solved a technical probem I'd been having with double knitting. I hope I solved it, anyway. I feel confident enough, though, to start an actual beginner project. But only after I finish the socks!

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