Tuesday, July 14, 2009


The day went better than I feared. I got lots and lots of loving notes from folks at church, which helped, and was very busy prepping this afternoon's class, which also helped.

My sister called and said her husband had made brownies in Dad's honor; he loved chocolate. I wore a bright red scarf in his honor.

I was more tired today than I've been since starting the five-meals-a-day plan (which has had a wonderfully steadying effect on my energy level), but that's probably some combination of grief and the aquacise class I took this morning. Today's class featured barbells instead of noodles. I much prefer the barbells. I could handle them fine, and felt like I got a great workout. I hate weight/resistance training on land, but in the water, I loved it. So that was a nice discovery. And I could mostly follow all the moves today, primarily because they were simpler than last time.

After aquacise I went to work, prepped and taught my class, came home, ate dinner, did the reading for tomorrow's class, and wrote three pages of TSWP. So I was reasonably productive despite my fatigue.

Today's coolest event, though, happened during dinner. I was watching the finch feeder, where a number of very pretty little birds had congregated, when suddenly I saw a small, blurry whirring off to the right. "Omigod!" I said to Gary. "Look! It's a hummingbird! Look at that!" It zipped away again very quickly, once it realized that our finch feeder didn't contain nectar, but we both saw it.

We've never seen a hummingbird here. I saw one at my friend Ellen's house once, when I was laid up on her couch after spraining my ankle and was feeling very sorry for myself. Actually, right before the hummingbird showed up at dinner, I'd been missing Dad. So maybe they're a special "cheer up" message of some sort.

Whatever else they are, they're sure pretty!


  1. Hummingbirds are great fun to watch, Susan! About 12 years ago I sat in a roadside restaurant and watched a whole lot of them flock to the feeders and flowers this cafe had surrounded itself with. Dinner had never been so entertaining. Why don't you and Gary get a hummingbird feeder and enjoy them more often?


  2. Hummingbirds are supposed to symbolize joy, according the reading I did prior to my hummingbird tattoo. You and your father gave each other joy, which is, as we know, different than situation-specific happiness.

  3. Anonymous10:48 AM

    I love hummingbirds, and have had the pleasure of seeing many of them over the years. The most memorable time:

    I had been living in L.A. for almost a year, after moving from Maine, my home state. To say I was a basket case is an understatement--anxiety attacks, longing for the woman I'd left who was supposed to follow me out but didn't. Over the Memorial Day weekend I was invited to stay w/ a friend in his decrepit cabin in the San Bernadino mountains. One morning he went to the market. I sat in the sun on the deck, attempting to meditate, asking God for some help or relief from the craziness of my head. Suddenly there was this tremendous buzzing, like a cloud of bees. I opened my eyes, afraid of what I might see. It was a hummingbird, hovering about a foot from my nose, staring me right in the eye. It hung there for a moment or two, then buzzed off. I was dumbfounded, but grateful.

    Jeff P.

  4. Oh, I love hummingbirds, they seem to me to be signs of the wonder and whimsical nature of God. So tiny and so full of brightness and curiosity. Hope you can see more of them! I was thinking about you and wondering how TSWP was going, so happy to check in and see it mentioned.

  5. Thanks, everybody!

    Jeff: What a wonderful story! I've read that hummingbirds are messengers (like angels), and yours certainly seemed to be!

    Terri: TSWP is going well and is on submission, but I'm not comfortable going public with it until I know somebody wants it. Please keep your fingers crossed for me!


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