Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Plants in Motion

This week, my summer Tolkien class met the Ents. By coincidence -- or not -- last weekend my sister told me about a science exhibit she and her family had seen about Plants in Motion. Plants are alive, after all: they just move much more slowly than we do. But move they do, and these videos prove it.

My sister said that the SlowLife Exhibit she saw included a video illustrating that flowers keep moving after they're cut, and move most violently just before they die.

Oh, dear. When I told Gary about this, he said, "I'll never bring you flowers again."

My class loved these videos, and I hope all of you will, too.

Tread gently on the grass, and thank your salad for feeding you.

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  1. This was totally awe inspiring. I shared the links with friends nad family. Thank you, Susan!



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