Monday, July 06, 2009

Happy Birthday, Mom!

I called this morning to wish my mother a happy 84th birthday, and I got to stay on the phone with her while she opened the package I'd sent: a funny photobook of wet cats, and two small pairs of earrings (she still loves jewelry, even though she doesn't get out much). She had a lot of trouble with packaging and wrapping, and my sister had to help her with that. In the future, I'll remember to simplify wrapping as much as possible.

At the end of the call, I said, "Happy Birthday, Mom," and she said, "And to you, when it comes around."

My stomach immediately congealed into a lump. "I hope you'll get to wish me happy birthday in person when it comes around," I said. My birthday's in September, but I wonder if she'll still be here then, and I wondered if she wonders if she'll still be here then (or has a premonition that she won't be), and if that's why she phrased it that way.

I'm glad I saw her recently. I hope I'll get to see her again.

My father would have been 87 next Tuesday. That's going to be a hard day.

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