Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Gary's Gorgeous Hike

One of the fabulous things about living in Reno is easy access to amazing hiking. Gary hikes for three or four hours every other day on Peavine, the mountain across the street, which is definitely a high-desert mountain with very few trees.

I used to do some hiking with Gary, but it was always problematic because he's much faster than I am. He'd get frustrated at having to go slowly, and I often wound up getting injured because I'd try to push myself and would fall. And these days, my knee simply isn't up to any steep trails. So I content myself with swimming and level walking, and let him be the mountain goat in the family.

We're also an hour from Lake Tahoe, and occasionally Gary gets to enjoy some of those trails, especially with visitors. On Monday, he and Jim and Ellen Meadors -- Katharine's friends from Boston, with whom we went to Kauai two years ago -- hiked up Mt. Rose, a popular skiing area which affords views both of the Truckee Meadows and of Tahoe. They report that there are also bountiful wildflowers right now, thanks to our very wet spring.

From the top of Mount Rose, you can also see Slide Mountain, a striking but more barren nearby peak. (By the way, the hike Gary and Jim and Ellen did starts at 8,900 feet and climbs to 10,000-something, so they didn't have to walk all the way up the mountain! Even so, it took them six hours roundtrip, although that included many stops to look at wildflowers.)

The good news for me is that two miles into the five-mile hike, where the trail's still level, there's a beautiful waterfall. Gary's suggested that we go there sometime, and that sounds like a walk I can manage. I've loved waterfalls ever since our first trip to Maui, although I probably won't be swimming in this one! I also won't have time for it anytime soon, but that's okay. It's something to look forward to.

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  1. My goodness, Susan! This sounds like the most amazing neighborhood! I'm trying to imagine a mountain right across the road and thinking of Colorado, the only place I've spent any time in them. Picture?

    I love waterfalls too! There's an entire day trip of them you can take along the Blue Ridge Parkway if you are ever in NC. Hope you'll have lots of lovely pictures of that fall when you take that hike.



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