Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Red Jacket Lives On!

Today I got a lovely e-mail from my father's friend AJ, who bought Dad's boat, Red Jacket, when Dad could no longer live on her. I hadn't been able to call AJ because I couldn't find his phone number, and I felt awful about that, but he learned of Dad's death from a mutual friend. Here's part of his e-mail:
I searched the web and found your blog and read your beautiful account of your dad. It brought back some special, colorful memories. I read what you said about the boat and wanted you to know she safely survived Hurricane Katrina, a miracle in itself, and is waiting safely and patiently for our children to grow so we can baby her once again. We too dream of sailing her again one day.
Nothing would make Dad happier. Thanks so much, AJ!

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