Saturday, July 25, 2009

Bargain Hunting

I'm not someone who gets up early on weekend mornings to hunt out garage sales, but if I see one, sometimes I'll stop. Today there was one about a block from our house, so I pulled over to see what they had. I lucked out when I found this beautiful little teapot; I have a gorgeous larger one that was a wedding gift, but I've wanted a smaller one for a while, and this fit the bill.

The teapot came with four dainty cups, demitasse size, nad two saucers. I'm not likely to use these -- I prefer large mugs -- but I bought them for the sake of completeness. The set was $12, and although I probably could have talked the sellers down a bit, I was happy enough with the price and didn't want to go to the trouble.

The teapot belonged to a beloved grandmother, and the family was sad to see it go, but they simply have Too Much Stuff. I promised them I'll take good care of it.

As you can see, Harley had to inspect the new purchases very carefully to make sure they met his high standards. I'm delighted to report that the tea set received the Feline Seal of Approval.

I also got an oval stained-glass window hanging, a purple iris, for $4, which seemed reasonable. But my big score was a 48-inch wide entertainment center for $30. It's made of real wood and has glassed-in shelves, which is what initially drew me. I've been wanting something with glass doors in which to store my yarn -- I think all the colors will be pretty through the glass -- and this should fit the bill, although we'll have to build or replace some missing shelves.

Fitting this monster into the house is another matter, though. (We only got it home because someone else at the garage sale had a large truck and hauled it home for us; he wouldn't take any money for his trouble, either. Nice guy.) I want it in my study, but that's going to be a very tight fit -- if we can do it at all -- and will involve removing several pieces of smaller furniture. I think everything can fit into the new unit; Gary's skeptical. And he doesn't want me to put it anywhere else in the house because he likes things the way they are, which I understand. So I have to work on making sure the cabinet will fit in the only spot where it will go (a truly daunting task, since my study's a larger and even deadlier version of Fibber McGee's closet), and then we have to find people to help us haul it up the stairs. I can probably get some church friends to do that, though.

So the garage sale was a good stop. Later, Gary and I went to REI, where I got a new pair of slippers (actually shoes, but I'll be wearing them as slippers) and he got a new hiking pack.

We've been good consumers today. Hey, just doing our part for the economy . . . .

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