Sunday, July 05, 2009


And how was your Fourth?

Ours was quiet and pleasant, thank you. I went back to the hospital in the morning, for what turned out to be a fairly non-taxing shift, and in the evening we went to our friend Katharine's house to watch what fireworks we could see (not many, since Reno canceled the big ones near her house, and we all conked out before the other, newer big ones).

Today I went to church for the first time in weeks and weeks, since before I left for the East Coast. It was a nice service, although too many people I care about are having an awfully tought time in through here.

This afternoon I swam for an hour. Yay!

In knitting news, Katharine guided me safely through the heel of The Sock That Ate Reno -- although I don't yet understand the logic of the heel turn, and thus couldn't reproduce it without instructions -- and I'm now knitting the cuff. One of her friends wears a size 13-14 shoe, so I'm hoping the socks will fit him. If not, I'll try to give them to someone at church.

Mom's birthday is tomorrow. She'll be 84. Liz and family celebrated with her today, but she won't get my package until tomorrow.

I know I've been a dull blogger lately, but considering the nature of the "exciting" events over the last year, I think that's actually a Good Thing.

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