Wednesday, April 08, 2009

A Little Less Cranky

Well, I'm feeling a bit better than I was when I wrote my last post, because a) I've caught up on at least some grading and b) I've engaged in aggressive retail therapy. I now own several new red objects. They make me happy. Also, my friends Arthur and Sherri went to London and brought me a charming photo book of cathedral cats. Cats make me happy, too.

On the less positive side, yesterday I got a jury summons -- I'm one of those odd people who enjoys jury duty, but they never seem to call me during the summer when I have free time! -- and also got a referral from my dentist to a periodontist for possible gum graft. He's been making noise about this for several years, but this is the first time he's said, "Yeah, so you should actually go see this guy so he can look at your mouth."

Everyone I know who's had gum grafts says they're hideous, although probably not as hideous as losing teeth. My dentist tells me this fellow is conservative and errs on the side of not doing the procedure, which is fine with me. Among other things, I don't particularly want to have to deal with huge dental bills right now.

The periodontal consultation is in a few weeks. Today I'm mailing back my jury questionnaire, and they'll send me a postcard telling me when I need to show up. I begged them not to call me until after classes are over, but I don't know if they even read those notes, or if they put that little white space for "comments" just so people can blow off steam.

And now, back to catching up on grading . . . .


  1. We're glad you liked the book.

    Unfortunately our own Kitty passed away yesterday. :(

  2. Hooray for an abundance of red things. Not so for the dental thingie. I imagine the incredible stress you have been under is to blame for the worsening. Prayers continuing of course.


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