Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Tomorrow morning, I'll be attending a dissertation defense in another department (I'm the outside committee member). Tomorrow afternoon, I'm leaving for a weekend in California. My ultimate destination is Ben Lomond, where I'll be presenting a Narrative Medicine workshop at the HEART elective for medical students. (I love the photo on their homepage of the medical student hugging a tree!) Tomorrow night, though, I've reserved a hotel room in Berkeley. I hope to get there early enough to hit some of my favorite stores and galleries before closing time.

Friday I'll drive down to Ben Lomond, arriving around lunchtime. I'll spend the rest of the day getting acclimated and catching up with my student Jillian, who very kindly got me invited down there. Saturday's the two-hour workshop. I'll probably stay over until Sunday morning, when I plan to leave early and drive straight home to Reno, weather permitting. The weather's supposed to be better than it has been, though, so I hope to avoid trouble in the mountains.

I have to lug a ridiculous amount of stuff along with me: my laptop, since Jillian says that cell reception's iffy down there and I need e-mail access for work, piles of grading (I got a bunch done this morning, but it just keeps coming in again), my CPAP, my teaching stuff for the workshop, knitting, a pillow and towel for Ben Lomond (since Jillian advised me to bring my own), and, of course, clothing. I calculate that I'll have to bring three bags for four days. Oy! And, of course, we'll see how much grading I actually get done. I don't feel safe leaving it behind, though.

In any case, both Berkeley and Ben Lomond should be fun and relaxing, which I sorely need right now. I wish Gary could come, but he abhors long car rides and also wants to go to a concert tomorrow night, since two of our good friends are performing. I'd ordinarily want to go to the concert too, but right now, getting out of town takes priority.

Saturday evening will be four weeks since Dad died. I suspect HEART will be a good place to be for that particular anniversary. Jillian's been following the Dad saga from the beginning, and has been very understanding and sympathetic. She's going to be a fabulous physician.

This afternoon, a former student stopped by my office hours to give me his condolences. He's been reading the blog! (Hi, Charles!) And this morning before I left for work, the hospice chaplain called me to see how I was. I explained that I was frantically grading, and that while I'd love to talk to him, I really won't have time until May. He said that he won't pester me, that he'll let me call him when I'm ready. Nice guy.

I can't wait until classes are over. It's been a brutal semester. Right now, though, I'm still in miles-to-go-before-I-sleep mode.

Ben Lomond's supposed to be gorgeous, so I'll post photos if my BlackBerry cooperates.


  1. Prayers for safe travel and a good relaxing/renewing weekend, Susan! Glad to hear things are moving towards normal for you.


  2. Anonymous10:58 AM

    Have a great trip. I hope you're able to relax for some of it.

    Jeff P.

  3. Hope your trip is good, with just enough grading time to help you feel in control, not so much that it detracts from what you need to feel refreshed!


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