Saturday, April 11, 2009

Dad and Boats

Shortly after Dad died, I promised I'd post some photos my sister had sent me. I'm finally doing that. Maybe this means that soon I'll be able to get around to writing the obituary. I haven't felt up to tackling that, and it's not urgent because we won't be having any kind of service for months at the earliest.

So, anyway, here's Dad with boats -- his favorite things in the world -- in the background. This photo was taken in 2007, so I think he must have been in Pennsylvania already. (Later: My sister tells me the picture was taken in Cape May, New Jersey, where she, her husband and son had taken Dad for a whale-watching trip.)

He's wearing his favorite hat, which you'll also see in the next photo. I sent it to my sister, and also sent her the red satin-finish jacket you can see peeking into the photo. The name of Dad's own sailboat was Red Jacket, so his bright red jacket was fitting.

The shirt he's wearing was one of his favorites, although not his absolute favorite (you'll see that two photos down), and I have it now.

He's been dead three weeks today. It feels like a million years have passed since then.

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