Sunday, September 21, 2008

Project Dad 'N Fran

Plans continue apace. Last night Gary and I went to the Verizon store, where I got two simple, easily readable -- I hope -- cell phones for Dad and Fran and upgraded to a three-line family plan that will work out to about $30-40 more a month. That's a small price for the insurance of knowing that they can make a call in a roadside or medical emergency.

I'm programming the phones with my numbers and my sister's, and of course Dad's has Fran's number programmed, and vice versa. For some reason the phones won't let me put 911 on speed dial, which is bizarre, but I'm setting up speed dial for each of our personal numbers. Because the phones are the same model, I've given them different ring tones, and I'm going to get some large, bright stickers at the dollar store and put different stickers on each phone so they're recognizable.

When all of this is done, I'll send the phones to Dad and Fran so they'll have them for the trip. I don't expect them to need the phones often, but when they do, they'll have them. Like I said, it's insurance, and Dad and Fran seem genuinely touched that I'm doing this.

I looked into Jitterbug, which makes very easy-to-read phones for seniors, but their start-up costs are prohibitive. So I hope these little phones work out okay.


  1. This sounds like a great idea, Susan. Wish my dad were as open to cell phones as yours and Fran are. On my phone settings there is a place where you can increase the size of the font. Or darken it so that is is more legible. Hope your phones have that. Mine also lets you set the amount of time the light is on behind the screen. :)

    Happy Sunday!

  2. Verizon phones have In Case of Emergency right at the top of the Contacts list. (We recently switched, since Canada can be included, and did the same for Shira's mom.)

    You don't want 911 on Speed Dial in such a situation; the number of false calls (oops, meant to hit 3...) would easily exceed the "have to hit one more button" cases.

    Good luck tomorrow.


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