Saturday, September 06, 2008

Gary's Balloon Pix

Gary and I were having a bit of a competition yesterday morning; he had the regular camera and I had my BlackBerry, and we were both trying to get the best shots. He got some fabulous ones, including this photo of a balloon right next to our house.

He's also informed me that if I don't post his balloon pix, he won't give me my birthday presents tomorrow. *Sniff!* I believe this is a joke, but why take the chance? Plus, who doesn't love more cool balloon pix?

When the WWJD/WDJD balloon landed on our street, Gary ran around to the other side of the house to get this photo.

Renoites love it when balloons land near them. Sometimes the people inside the baskets give out small souvenirs, although I don't believe that happened in this case.

Here's a shot from our backyard, which shows several balloons. Actually, the sky was full of them, but they didn't show up well in photos I took because I had to face into the sun to take the pictures. So I'm glad Gary got this shot, which is much better than any of my similar ones!

And here's the obligatory, "Look, WWJD/WDJD is right over our heads!" photo.

This morning we went to a friend's house to watch balloons, but the show this morning wasn't nearly as dramatic as yesterdays. The wind was in the wrong direction and was blowing the balloons away from us. We had a nice time, though, and saw lots of cute kids!


  1. Very nice! Especially the top one near your roof and the one with, was it 6, balloons in the sky.

    Happy Birthday and I hope you get lots of nice stuff from Gary and all your friends!


  2. Thank you very much, Lee!


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