Monday, September 15, 2008

Another Silly Home Movie


Yes, well, this is pretty lame, but I had fun with it, even if Harley didn't!

I initially tried to get a video of the adorable quail in our backyard, but this camera doesn't zoom, so that was a wash. We also had a jackrabbit in our yard last night, but I didn't get the camera turned on in time to get footage even had getting footage been possible, which it probably wouldn't have been. (How's that for a tangled sentence?)

In other news, yesterday's homily was much more warmly received than I'd expected. At our liturgy committee meeting, we divvied up future preaching dates: I'll be doing 10/4 (the Feast of St. Francis), 11/23 (the Parable of the Nations, which is probably my favorite Gospel passage, although this is a family service, so I have to make the homily kid-friendly), and both Christmas Eve and Christmas morning. I've done Christmas morning a lot, since it's a tiny service and I like to give the exhausted priest a break from preaching, but this will be the first time I've done Christmas Eve, which is one of those cast-of-thousands, pews-crammed-with-strangers-we'll-never-see-again, smells-and-bells occasions. I'll definitely have to take Claritin before that one, so the incense doesn't make me choke or lose my voice!

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  1. Nice effort for a first video. When I tried to watch it last night I was having problems with my speed because it kept pausing. Glad I came back to check it out again. :)

    Noticing Harley's gorgeous eyebrows I'm wondering if his nose whiskers do what Hyram's do which is curl around and forward as if they had been on a curling iron. :)



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